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Episode 236

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CMP Episode 236: Library
Above: The Poet’s Dog (reviewed in this show) and part of a nightly drawings (based on a photo at Sktchy).

Episode 236 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP,  we take a look around the library, celebrating the art of close looking, of really tuning in, of noticing the details. In this show, there is a sliver of an art kid story and a magical and mystical book for middle (or younger) readers. This one might stretch your willingness to believe, but it is still a charming read for poets and dog lovers alike.

The Flow of Episode 236 (and relevant links):

“This is actually the kind of show I really enjoy, the stringing together of life.”

2 thoughts on “Episode 236

  1. I really enjoyed being there with you at your library…I could visualize those windows, and the regulars sitting around you. Nicely described to become an image in my head. I love the review of the dog books…Maira Beloved Dog is a keeper because of her style of art and notation. Nice to end the visit with that walk up the hill! Good show!

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