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Episode 255: Setting Goals

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 Episode 255: Setting Goals
Above: I experimented with a color-coded tracker in August.

Episode 255 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — Setting Goals

In this episode of the CMP, it’s time to set creative goals for September! Looking back on August goals… what worked, what didn’t work, what projects got some love, and which ones fell through the cracks. And… what does that all mean for September? Tune in for more about contemplating goals for September, the value of sharing those goals with others (naming and claiming), the importance of quantitative goals (give your goals numbers!), and lots of talk about trackers and tracking. Should you color-code? What blend of goals, to-dos, and habits fits for you? What will make your September list, and what will your September tracker look like?

Start making your goals today… this show helps remind you of ways to approach creative goal setting so that you are successful with your goals and they help you be more productive, more focused, more creative, and (maybe) more content!

Accountability, self-efficacy, motivation, habit formation, creative YOU and creative journey… it’s all here. This is the pre-September 1 episode of the Creativity Matters Podcast that you don’t want to miss.

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