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Episode 263: Inktober Shift

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Episode 263: Inktober Shift

Above: a recent drawing in ink in preparation for Inktober. 

Episode 263 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, Inktober is getting ready to start (tomorrow as I release this episode), and I’ve been dipping a toe back in the fountain pen-/black ink-drawing water this week. It has felt amazingly awkward after months of ballpoint, and I’m using what may be a too-small sketchbook! (I am loving the paper though.) I am looking forward to Inktober and 31 days of daily drawing. I hope you are, too!

This is my second year doing Inktober. I wish I could claim many, many years of history with this month-long drawing challenge, but I think 2016 was my first Inktober. Be proud of whatever number you can claim. We all start somewhere and build day by day and year by year!


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